Writer’s Block and How Neil Young Has Helped Me

I have been playing tug-of-war in my mind the past couple of months. Entirely nothing has come to me I felt was presentable enough to share with you on Wilby’s Writer’s Diner. Plain and simple, I have struggled with writer’s block.

I know all the writer’s block tricks. I’ve written about them here in Wilby’s Diner. I realize that sometimes it’s about the struggles that make me a better writer. There’s always something just on the edge of my sub-conscience that never lets me get too far away from a new story.

So today I sit here writing for the sake of writing while listening to Neil Young songs, and I might tell you that the music is cranked up pretty loud. Music at times can lead me into a creative place, so I try and go there when I’m hitting a writer’s block wall.

I have written a couple of short stories, but I just can’t get excited about them, so they sit in a warming oven for another day. Perhaps one day while listening to my music something will click, and one of those half-baked stories can be rewritten and be somewhat entertaining enough for me to publish it.

I have been working off and on for many months with a new story that I have fallen in and out of love with, the title is simply, “Norma Rose.” This is a character I have been developing, truth to be told, I have written sixteen chapters, but they still need additional editing. Norma Rose takes me to place I have not explored in developing characters before, at least as the lead protagonist.

If you read my long, short story, “Secrets Behind A Wedding Cake,” here on Wilby’s Diner, you would have met two of my characters, Detectives, Max Drake and Sarah McFadden. I have brought them into my new story, “Norma Rose.”

I have this habit of falling in love with some of my characters. As with “real” people I meet, character development to me as a writer is very real. Instead of shaking someone’s hand and trying to remember their name while making small talk, characters or story actors as I call them bounce around in my head trying to get out so they can tell their story. As with any of my real friends I look forward to seeing them again.

This month I hope to publish the prologue of my story, “Norma Rose.” I still do not know where or how it ends so stay tuned. I will reveal more in the next month or so about Norma Rose.

For now, I will carry on listening to Neil Young singing, “Cinnamon Girl.”

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