Broken Promises Under The Influence Of Blue Agave Chapter 7

It sounded like a good idea to come home and visit with my parents. Rebecka and Gracie were all excited to get out of school for a couple of days and, on top of that, flying on an airplane. That’s all I heard about for two weeks before we left.

As a side note, I contacted my former husband, Joel after I spoke to you last. I explained to him what I had done and how the girls reacted. He was surprised and was more receptive to coming to see his daughters. This is me keeping my fingers crossed.

We have been at my parent’s home for two days, and both my dad and mom are doting over the girls. I watched them from the kitchen window. Yesterday grandpa set up the old croquet set, and mom and the girls played croquet with him. That is a dream come true for my dad. He bought the set many years ago as a family gift one Christmas. We three girls and mom, looked dumbfounded, like are you still high from the sixties, dad? Croquet? All these years later I get to secretly sit here and watch them laugh and play. I have not seen smiles on my girl’s faces like this in a long time.

I have a glass of water in front of me, and as I watch the game in the backyard, my mind wonders if I can actually find Marshall. I tried an old phonebook my dad had in the closet…he never throws anything away. I found Marshall’s old phone number and called it. Of course, it’s not his number anymore. I have this fear I may not ever be able to find him.


Another busy day has risen. This morning after breakfast, my sweet father decides we need to go to the pet rescue center and walk the dogs. It is something I guess he does on a regular basis. I mentioned that perhaps he should just get a dog and be done with it. He looked at me with a confused look on his face. I stood there wide-eyed, “what?” I said. He just shook his head and walked away.

Then it dawned on me–he likes going to the rescue center. A dog at home is only one, at the center dad could spread out his love. Damn Hippie, he never will change. I laugh because now he has Rebecka and Gracie hounding me, no pun intended and made me promise we would get a puppy when we get back home. As much as I don’t like that idea, it probably is a good idea.

This afternoon mom is taking a nap and dad set out with the girls on a fishing trip to a pond not far from home. All I saw was an arm full of fishing poles, gear, string and two girls hopping and circling grandpa as he is gathering the fishing gear. It is non-stop girl chatter, and what’s really funny, I think my dad loves it. Reminds him of my sisters and me when we did cool stuff together. The old Hippy is in his element, and the girls are as excited as I’ve ever seen them. This is a happy day for me too.


I got a text message back from one of my girlfriends, Lynn. I probably should bring it up, but her nickname was “Seven.” I probably shouldn’t drag up why we called her Seven, but it had to do with guys and high school. Well, Lynn has a sister that still lives here. Lynn said she knows Marshall still lives in town. They are not friends but know each other enough to say hello in passing.

That message gives me hope. I have so much to say to him, and I really need to find him. I quickly answer the text and within a couple of minutes Lynn’s sister, Nikki sends a text back to both of us, she knows someone that works with Marshall. She will call the guy and see if he has a phone number. Now I am nervous.


Okay, that is a surprise. I’m working in my garage, and my cell phone rings. I wipe my hands on a towel, and with one finger I hit the button on the phone. It’s a strange number, and no one seems to be there. I’m thinking it is another one of those damn marketing people that sounds all bubbly and apologizes while messing with their headset. I reach out to hang up the call when I hear a voice.

“Is this Marshall?”

“Yeah, who’s this?” I sound kind of like an asshole since I still think it’s a marketing call. I’m preparing to blow this person up when I hear, . . .”

“Marshall, It’s Crosby.”

Dead silence. I am shocked and can’t even find words to mumble back. My mind is racing, in my head, I’m thinking, “say something, you idiot.”

“Crosby, is this really you?” I finally said.

“Yes, it’s me, Marshall.”

“I don’t know what to say, Crosby. Where are you?”

“I’m in town at my parent’s house with my two girls. I was hoping maybe if you aren’t too busy I could meet you and visit for a while.”

“It’s been a long time Crosby. I mean I’m willing to meet with you, but why now?” I pinched my eyes together, I thought to myself, “of course I would meet with her.”

“Marshall, I have never forgotten you, and I have spent all these years feeling horrible for how I treated you. I would like to apologize and maybe catch up and if possible establish our old friendship. Life has not been the same without you being a part of it.”

“Of course, I will meet with you anytime any place. You name it, and I’m there. I feel the same way as you do Crosby. So, what time is good for you? Marshall said.

“Are you married, Marshall?”

“No, I’ve never married.”

“Really?” Crosby said.

“Nope. That’s part of my story we need to catch up on. What about you? You mentioned you had two girls.”

“Rebecka and Gracie. Rebecka is fifteen and Gracie she’s thirteen.”

“You married?” Marshall asked.

“No, divorced.”

“Would you be comfortable enough to come over to my house?” Marshall said.

Crosby laughed out loud. “I would love to. I could make tacos, and we could catch up on each other’s lives.”

“I would love to catch up,” Marshall said. “Crosby, I have missed you.”

There was a long silence, “You can’t imagine how much I wished I would have stayed and we could have talked about what happened that night and why. I should have never left because we broke our promise to not have a sexual relationship. Best friends do not abandon each other, and I did that to us, Marshall. I walked away, I never returned your phone calls and completely disappeared from our relationship. I am so sorry.” Crosby’s voice began to break, and Marshall could tell she was crying.

“I’ve missed you a lot, Marshall. We have a lot to talk about, so how about it, tacos’?

“Absolutely! Only. . .” Marshall hesitated.

“I know what you are going to say. Let’s leave the Blue Agave in the cupboard.” Crosby smiled through her tear streaked face.


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