Obsessions But Wait Not All The Time

I contradict myself and I cannot figure out why I am like that. I find it frustrating at times. You see my chemical makeup dictates that if there is something that needs to be done I have to attack it and get it done. There is no waiting until tomorrow in my chemistry.
So for instance, while living in Wendy The Witch and The Bug Out Bus, (Our RV) if you were wondering. When bedtime rolls around and there are dirty dishes in the sink I cannot go to bed until they are washed. Nothing is worse than getting up in the morning to swill in the sink. I usually make the coffee which while living in Wendy The Witch is right next to the sink. If I look at that sink with leftover dishes I risk the unpleasant feeling of the dry heaves which may or may not stay dry very long.
Now comes in the confusing part, why at times do I not feel guilty when I have other chores to do. Let’s say, the floor needs to be swept since it feels like walking on gravel barefooted. I can compromise with myself that the sweeping can wait until sometime tomorrow. These examples may seem insignificant to some of you, but for me, they are one and the same and I do not understand why I can have one be an obsession and the other leads to procrastination. You would think walking on gravel barefooted would cause the obsession over the swill and dry heaves at a sink full of dirty cold dishes.

I’m confused, oh well priorities, yeah priorities, maybe I can compromise and not feel guilty about it. No, I am positive the next time bedtime and sleep begin to wash over me I will not be able to leave those damn dishes in the sink.