Just A Quick Road Trip


Over the past several months while planning this road trip, The question was asked, “why would you ever go to your forty-fifth high school class reunion?” Some people have told me that they have never attended any of their high school reunions. This last weekend our road trip took us over 1,348 miles in four days to Northern California to visit with classmates that are as old as we are.

The simple answer is, we all went to high school in a Christian boarding school. I met my wife there our senior year, and seventeen months later we were married. When I say boarding school, I mean we lived there. Dorms, cafeteria, gymnasium, chapel and even our own laundry service. Yes, we had roommates, and that is the reason why forty-five years later over thirty people came from all over the Country for a one-day reunion and dinner.

The stories and friendships have lasted a lifetime, and we spent the day reminiscing, and I am positive everyone but me, embellished some of those old stories. Never the less we lived together 24/7 most of us for our junior and senior years. Those were turbulent years from 1970 – 1972 when we graduated. The teachers and other staff at the school at times found it difficult to deal with the unrest of that era as well as we students found it difficult to conform.

We visited all day, laughed and told stories that are unwritten except in our memories. It’s funny how closely those stories are remembered by each one that lived them. It is apparent to me that my classmates are experiencing the same thing that drew my wife and me together so many years ago. Our lives are rooted in a bonding that cannot be explained except to say we lived it, the good and the bad.

The reunion was something I wanted to go to, but at the same time, I really didn’t want to go until I got there. Yes, it was a long way to “turn and burn from a Thursday morning to a Sunday afternoon. We decided not to fly, but to take our new Toyota Rav 4 on a long road trip. The car was comfortable and traveling at speeds close to 80 miles and hour we got just over 30 miles to the gallon on gas. We got home tired but no back pain, limping or other physical issues we could blame on such a long trip.

I have not idea if we will make our fiftieth reunion in five years or not. Or how many of us at that age will be able to travel that far. It doesn’t matter really because in our hearts we will always be together until death do us part.