There Is Only One Monster In My Closet

As a child and I’m sure probably most of you remember a monster under your bed or in your closet. Many nights after going to bed I would call out to my mother because I heard something making a noise.

Mom would come in and patiently check under the bed and in my closet for the monster. No monsters were ever found. So, ‘go to sleep’ is what she said. Off goes the light and the door is closed trapping me. My only option to fall asleep before the monster returned. As a child, I occasionally lived that ritual. As I grew older the monster went away, right?

Well, I’m here to tell you that in fact, the monster in my closet hasn’t entirely gone away. It maybe is not as scary now that I am all grown up and all haired over, but it still lurks and mocks me every now and then.

My monster no longer has red eyes and snaggly teeth, no more scales or pointy sharp fingernails. No, my monster today is gigantic yet flimsy and changes colors every week or two. My monster is now king sized fitted sheets! I cannot master folding them. I get tied up in knots, spun around until I am exhausted. One day I had a bright idea. Lay them out flat on the living room floor. Gently fold them shoving the fitted ends into each other. Then fold, fold and fold. Put in the pillow cases and one last fold and stand back, observe and to my chagrin it looks like a wadded up jumbled mess of monster colored cotton.

Now that I am a year older I have reconciled with my monster and I have peace. Into the closet, I stuff him away. I stand back with my hands on my hips I look him square in the eye. I reach up and slowly close the closet door. Guess what, I don’t hear any noises at night anymore either.