Can You Hear The Silence Of Your Soul?

Yesterday, for me is what I search for in my hectic, stressful life. The recognition that I can, in fact, hear the silence of my soul. I’m sure everyone has their own experience that certainly can be different from mine. For me yesterday gave me that time to hear myself when there are no distractions from my busy lifestyle.

Star Valley Wyoming is approximately 14 miles wide and 50 miles long, located in the mountains on the western edge of Wyoming bordering on eastern Idaho. The valley is surrounded by the Bridger-Teton, Caribou, and Targhee National Forests. The altitudes range from 5,600 feet to 7,000 with the surrounding mountains over 10,000 feet.

There are three major rivers, The Salt River, The Snake River and the Greys River all meet in Alpine, Wyoming and form the Palisades Reservoir.

The Salt River winds through the floor of Star Valley. Yesterday we drove around and checked out a couple of our favorite spots on the river. The river is running clear and perfect for the possibility of catching a couple of cutthroat trout.


We drove up the Greys River to the fork of the Greys and Little Greys and enjoyed the wilderness and peaceful sound of a baby Osprey in a huge nest high up in a tree overlooking the river below.

We finished our afternoon off by stopping for lunch in Alpine at the Bull Moose Lodge and Saloon. The food was tremendous, and the ambience leads us to believe the night life at the saloon is worth checking out one evening.

If you ever take a trip to Yellowstone, The Grand Tetons, and Jackson Hole, I would invite you to head 50 miles south of Jackson and drive through Star Valley you will not be disappointed.

For all the years we have been coming here I never get tired of the wilderness of the Greys River or the many farms throughout the valley. I also enjoy the small towns and communities and find that even when I am in town, I have the same peace of mind as I get standing on the Salt River fishing.



I Started This Blog A Year Ago

I was not sure how or what I wanted to do with by blog. I sometimes stare at the screen with my fingers on the keyboard, and nothing happens.

Just about a year ago on our annual trip to Wyoming, I started Wilby’s Writers Diner. We arrived in Wyoming yesterday, so this is our first morning with a welcome break from the summer heat in Southern California. The morning is crisp and cold with a little rain last night. It is beautiful, and I am content.

Today is labor day and later this afternoon we are invited to a BBQ with friends. We are bringing a batch of homemade ice cream which is one of life’s little pleasures.

Today being a lazy day I might carve out a little time and work on my new story, “Norma Rose.”