Secrets Behind A Wedding Cake-Chapter Seven

Hallie stood up feeling completely exhausted. Thinking to herself, there was nothing more to be said. At that moment it would be the last time she was going to say ‘I am sorry’ to anyone regarding her one night stand and the pregnancy. A new feeling of vindication in that split second gave her more determination than ever to get past the frustration and depression she had lived with since finding out she was pregnant. Moving forward in a positive way for the sake of the baby is what she must do now. The baby would be here in about six months.

She picked up her purse never taking her eyes off Victoria. On the other hand, Victoria stood there with her hands on her hips clearly upset.

“I’m really sorry we cannot be friends Victoria. It breaks my heart to end our friendship this way.”

Victoria smirked, “This is not my fault Hallie, you made choices that put us in this place. Own it and move on with your life.”

Hallie turned and walked to the front door. She could hear Victoria’s heavy footsteps right behind her. Opening the door, and without saying another word, she left. The front door closed and locked while walking down the steps of the front porch.

Victoria walked back into the living room and pulled the front curtains back slightly to watch Hallie get into her car.

“Oh, what’s that?” She smiled.

The hands moved around her waist and pulled her towards him. Parker rested his chin on her shoulder as he peered out of the curtain watching Hallie drive away.

“Well, that went well?” Parker said.

“I’m guessing she came at this time of the morning figuring you were at work. I’m sure she didn’t want to run into you.” Victoria said.

“Good thing my car was in the garage then, huh?”

“Good thing she didn’t show up an hour earlier since you were no longer staying in the spare bedroom. That could have been awkward.” Victoria said.

“After what she has done to us, there is nothing she could say. We are falling in love with each other and what she did is beyond anybody’s forgiveness.” Parker added.

“Well let’s not forget about good old Julian, he is at fault as much as Hallie. The difference is he can pay his way out of this and leave the carnage to Hallie to deal with as a single mother.” Victoria added.

“The part that bothers me the most is this isn’t the baby’s fault. To be born into that screwed up situation is tragic. No father and a mother that is teetering on the edge of sanity and craziness.” Parker said.

Victoria chuckled, “Well thinking about it, I do feel sorry for that child.” She turned to face Parker. Putting her arms around his neck, she pulled him close to her and kissed him deeply. Parker responded by wrapping his arms around her waist and holding her close.

“I would like to stay here and fool around Parker, but I really need to get to work.”

“Yeah, I should go into the office today, my secretary is probably blowing up my phone as we speak.”

Victoria reached up with her finger and touched him on the nose. She ran her finger down his face to his chin then down to this throat.

“I feel lucky that we are working through this situation together Parker.”

“We did fall out of the friendship circle and now we have taken it to a new level. I am glad this worked out this way. You are a beautiful person Victoria. I feel I can trust you. Unlike Hallie and her lies, that conniving bitch. Man, I still cannot believe she did what she did.”

“Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. But through all this we found each other and as soon as your divorce goes through we can talk about getting married.”

“That is something I would really like; making you my wife. You are a beautiful person Victoria and I certainly can see myself spending the rest of my life with you.” Parker said.

So what is the next step in the divorce proceedings?”

“Hallie isn’t contesting anything. We went to a mediator and agreed to everything. I have a court date next month on the 17th. Didn’t I tell you that already?”

Victoria shook her head, “No, but that is good news. I will be glad to have Hallie out of our lives forever.” Victoria said with disdain in her voice.

“That makes two of us. Two months ago, I would have never guessed you and I would be together. I was so taken with Hallie I suppose I was blind to what her character is really like.”

“She was my best friend, let’s not forget that. Julian and I loved both of you. Now, wow has it changed. Julian screws Hallie, knocks her up and flees to Italy with his job. What really pisses me off, he never told me or even said goodbye. He just left.”

“Do you think he was embarrassed and couldn’t face you?” Parker asked.

“No, I don’t think so, but I suppose it’s possible. I guess I didn’t see his real character either. I lived with him for over two years. I now regret losing that much of my life to a man that could cheat on me with my best friend.”



Hallie pulled into the driveway about twenty-five minutes later. The whole way home, the radio was on, but it was talk radio chatter and she did not pay attention. She was deep in thought. Bewildered she could not believe how she gotten to this place in her life, which in turn completely alienated herself from everyone. She was truly alone.

Hallie unlocked the front door to her home. She dropped her purse and keys on the table. She ran into the bathroom and fell to her knees. Throwing up was not easy and gagging and gasping for air made her light headed. She held on the rim of the toilet until her head cleared. She got up, flushed the toilet, and washed her face with cold water.

She walked into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, and took out a bottle of apple juice.

“Baby, I hope you like apple juice because at this point in our lives together, I love it. Hopefully, it settles my stomach.” She whispered to herself quietly.

Hallie pulled out a chair at the kitchen table and dropped into the seat. She twisted the cap off of the juice bottle and took four small sips. It felt like it would stay down so she sat the bottle on the table.

With her elbows on the table, she rested her head in her hands and let out a long sigh.

Thinking to herself, “This has really gotten out of control. Another lie will make it worse. I wonder if I just told the real truth everything would be better.”

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