Secrets Behind A Wedding Cake-Chapter Four

Hallie stood in the shower. She allowed the water to run through her hair and down her body. The dirty water ran down her legs and swirled around the bottom of the shower before disappearing down the drain.
She crossed her arms over her chest and with her head down she started to cry. At first, it began as sobbing and turned into an uncontrollable crying spell that sent her to her knees. In a praying position, she cried and could not stop.
Finally, resolve settled in and the crying slowed then stopped. She pulled herself up and began washing her hair and body clean. Finished, she stepped out of the shower and toweled off. Standing in front of the mirror, she could make out her ghostly appearance. Hallie stared at her movements through the mist. It seemed to her she was disappearing as a person because of her choices.
Thirty minutes later, she opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom fully dressed and ready to meet Parker in the living room.
Hallie walked into the living room. Parker sat on the edge of the couch with his arms resting on his legs, his head looking straight down at his feet. He did not hear her come in.
He looked up; nervously he rubbed his hands together and slid back into the couch.
“Okay Hallie, let’s talk.”
Hallie came in and sat down opposite him in a large overstuffed chair. She sat her hairbrush on the coffee table.
“Parker to start off, I have to be honest with you. I have not been honest for the past couple of months and you deserve better than that. I am pregnant.”
“Pregnant? Pregnant, how? We were really careful and you took the pill, right?”
She nodded as the tears welled up in her eyes and spilled over onto her cheeks.
“So this is a blessing then. I mean you are having our baby.” Parker moved slightly from side to side and his voice sounded excited.
“The baby is not your’s Parker.”
There was dead silence. His countenance changed from excitement to confusion as he realized what she just said.
“What do you mean the baby is not mine? Then whose baby is it, Hallie?” Parker said with anger in his voice.
“It is Julian’s baby.” Hallie started to cry.
“Julian! You screwed Julian?” He shouted.
Hallie with tears streaming down her face shook her head up and down without saying a word.
“Why Hallie? How could you do this to us? What the hell is wrong with you?”
“I’m sorry,” she sobbed out the words.
“So how far along are you?”
“A week short of three months.”
“In the car, you told me you were not having an affair. This sounds like one to me.”
“We were only together one time Parker.”
Parker stood up and looked down at Hallie with a mixture of anger and confusion on his face. He did not say a word and Hallie covered her face with her hands.
“So where were you and Julian going and why were you walking in the damn desert?”
“Julian and I were on our way to get the DNA test results to make sure it was his baby. Julian said he had accepted a job in Italy for the next five to ten years. He did not want any responsibility or anything to do with the baby. He would give me a lump sum of money and sign over one-hundred percent custody of the child to me.” Hallie looked up at Parker standing there with his hands on his hips. He glared at her.
“So when he said that I yelled at him and told him to pull the car over. He refused and I told him I would jump out. I undid my seat belt, he must have figured I would jump so he pulled over. I got out and walked away. He kept yelling at me to get back in the car, I just kept walking.”
“When did you screw Julian, Hallie?”
“Remember the dinner date at Victoria’s house. You were late and Victoria sent Julian and me to the living room while she was cooking. Something happened and we just had this thing. Next day I ended up at his home and we had sex. I’m pregnant and it is confirmed, the baby is his, Parker. I’m so sorry.” Another wave of crying made Hallie not able to say anything else.
“So what now Hallie? What am I supposed to do with this? You are a liar and what actually makes me sick right now is you went ahead with our wedding knowing you were knocked up by our best friend, you are not who I thought you were. Would you have ever told me the truth, or would you just keep lying and let me go through life thinking this baby was ours.”
“I don’t know Parker. I didn’t know what to do.”
“I need to get out of here.” Parker turned and left the living room.
Hallie could hear him in the bedroom banging around for a couple of minutes. He came out in a rush and out the front door. Hallie heard his car start, she got up and pulled the curtain back from the living room window just in time to see Parker’s car backing out of the driveway.


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