Secrets Behind A Wedding Cake-Chapter Three

Hallie stopped dead in her tracks.  With her hand shielding her eyes, she looked down the road.  A car was coming towards her.
“No, no it can’t be.”
Hallie recognized the car.  It was Parkers blue Mustang.  The car must have been speeding by the lingering dust trail behind it.
Parker slowed the car down and came to a stop right beside Hallie.  The dust trail caught up with the idling car and swirled around Hallie making it hard to breathe. Parker rolled down the passenger window.  Hallie stood there frozen not sure what to say or do next.
“Hello dear, as you would expect I have a lot of questions for you.  But for now, why don’t you get in and let me take you home.  You, sweetheart, are pretty sweaty and dirty.” His voice carried a derogatory tone that made Hallie unsure of what he would do next.
All Hallie could do was nod her head and reach for the handle on the door.
She slipped into the passenger’s seat, pulled the seatbelt around her, and clicked it into place.  Parker hit the gas pedal and the car moved quickly over the ground that Hallie had walked on.
Neither Parker nor Hallie spoke, the only noise came from the engine of the car and the tires crunching over the gravel road.  Although Hallie guessed Parker’s thoughts were screaming right now.  Parker turned left and headed on Avenue 76 towards home.  That is when he asked his first question.
“Hallie, what are you doing way out here?”
“How did you find me?”
“I got a phone call from Jullian, he said I needed to go pick you up.  He told me where you were.  I asked him how in the hell did you get out there.  He said you would explain everything.  Why would Jullian know that Hallie?”
Hallie opened her mouth to speak but no words came out.  She needed to tell Parker everything.  Words swirled around, but how should she begin made it impossible to start.
“Can I have the rest of that bottle of water?”
“Of course,” Parker said.
Hallie picked up the bottle and drank all the water.  Swallow after swallow felt refreshing on her throat.  She wiped her mouth with her forearm and sat the bottle down.  She cleared her throat and looked over at Parker.  He stared straight ahead.  He was not saying anything, it was obvious he was confused and angry and it was all her fault.  Parker did not deserve this.  He is a good man and what she had to tell him would alter their relationship forever.
“Parker we have a lot to talk about and I will clear up all of your questions. Is it okay if we get home and I can have a shower? After that, we can sit down and talk. You are my husband and I owe you an explanation.”
“That’s fine Hallie, but you can, at least, answer one question. I get it that Victoria and Jullian are our friends.  I am at work and I get a call from Jullian that I needed to pick you up way out here miles from home.  I have to guess that you were with Jullian heading somewhere.  What were you doing?”
“That’s what we need to talk about, but to put your mind at ease; Jullian and I are not having an affair,” Hallie said.
“All this secrecy makes me nervous Hallie.  We’ve only been married three weeks and now I am wondering what is going on here.  We haven’t seen Victoria or Jullian since we got back from our honeymoon.  They don’t show up at our wedding after Victoria helped you for months.  Now I get this call from him that you are wandering around the desert. How did Jullian know where you were Hallie?” Parker said in a raised voice.
“Parker please just get me home and let me get cleaned up and I will explain everything to you. I promise.”
For the first time since Hallie got into the car, Parker looked over at his wife. Their eyes met.  Hallie could see the anger in his face.  She held back her tears thinking about the one mistake she made to place everyone she loves in this situation.  As she looked out the car window and watched the businesses and homes go by, Hallie closed her eyes for a few minutes.  Maybe there was a way out of this that could save her marriage.  With that thought, as Parker pulled into the driveway, she opened her eyes and smiled.

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