Secrets Behind A Wedding Cake-Chapter Two

The road could not have been dirtier.  The desert wind blew dust and sand into her eyes and into her hair.  Hallie, only wearing light sandals and no hat, shielded her eyes from the bright sun reflecting off the desert floor.
If she had any money at all today,  she would give her entire retirement for a cup of water. Licking her lips only dried them out more.  Wearing a light cotton sundress did nothing for the sunburn on her shoulders and back.
Yet she walked on.  She thought to herself, “There has to be a town or a gas station somewhere nearby.”
She guessed she had walked at least two miles from the paved road.  Looking over her shoulder periodically gave her somewhat of a comfort that she was not being followed. thinking to herself, “I’m so stupid. How could I possibly make these kinds of life-altering decisions? I hate myself for what I have done. Now look at me walking away from my life, my family, my friends and my husband.  For what?”
Walking along, she thought back to that one night at Victoria’s apartment.  She made eye contact with Julian, Victoria’s boyfriend.  As Victoria busied with dinner and Parker soon to arrive, they were to have a simple dinner just the four of them.  Victoria chased her and Julian to the living room.  Hallie sat carefully on the couch and setting her glass of wine on the coffee table she watched as Julian sat down in a chair just opposite of her.  Their eyes connected, nothing was said, but something in that split second happened.  It was sexual, Hallie felt something inside her stir, and a nearly uncontrollable sensation made her shake her head as if she had sipped vinegar instead of the glass of white wine.
Now two months later walking along this lonely road she screamed out loud. She covered her face with her hands.  Thinking to herself, “why did I make the excuse and go to his house later that week.  Nothing would have happened if I had not gone there.”
Jullian opened his door on her first knock.  He was expecting her after her lame phone call.  He let her in and she turned to face him as he locked the front door. They stood there like two hormonal teenagers, but Hallie knew something quite abstract and strange happened as they traded smiles.  Julian came to her, slipped his arms around her body and pulled her close.  There would not be no stopping what was about to happen.
Now walking along the road she thought to herself, “Why didn’t Victoria let me help her in the kitchen? Julian and I would have stood around with Victoria as a couple’s referee.  It could have made all the difference in all of our lives.” Hallie said out loud to the desert wind.
A few tears spilled out of her eyes and ran down her cheek leaving a slightly muddy trail on her face.  There was no makeup now, just this dusty road leading to nowhere.
That’s when it happened. Hallie stopped dead in her tracks. “Oh crap,” she said under her breath.

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