Secrets Behind A Wedding Cake-Chapter One

The cream-filled three-layered cake decorated with yellow roses cascading down the side from the top tier to the bottom layer.
“This is turning out exactly as we planned Parker.”  Halley Cook smiled at her new husband, Parker Knowles.
“Yes, you have made me the happiest man alive on our wedding day.  And you are right all the months of planning has paid off there have been no issues.” Parker looked into Hallie’s blue eyes and smiled.
“Parker we can thank Victoria for all her help through the past months.”
“That is for sure, she and her boyfriend; Julian have been there for us.  I really count them as good friends.  I think we should do something special for them after we get back from our honeymoon.” Parker smiled at Hallie.
“I miss not having Victoria here today,” Hallie added.
“It’s a shame she got sick on the day of our wedding.  She helped us so much.” Parker added.
Halley smiled back and reached up on her toes; she kissed Parker on the cheek. “Maybe we can get them something really nice and surprise them with it,” Hallie added.
“What would be something we could get them?” Parker asked.
“I have to think about it, but something that would be a surprise, something they would never see coming.” Hallie’s smile disappeared.
“I’m sure we can come up with just the right thing,” Parker said.
“Come on cut the cake!” Uncle George said while standing around the cake table with the other guests. He raised his drink in the air.
“I see your uncle is enjoying himself,” Parker whispered so only Hallie could hear.
“I know he is nothing more than a drunk, but he is my father’s brother and I had to invite him since my dad passed away last year. At least, he got me down the aisle before he started drinking. We should count our blessings for that.” Hallie looked up.
“We will get through this Hallie. I love you and you love me that’s all that counts. Uncle George is a small distraction. Shall we cut the cake?” Parker asked.
Hallie picked up the knife and Parker covered her hand with his. They both guided the knife and pressing down cut into the bottom layer.
“Cut the cake.” Uncle George said again raising his cocktail glass in the air.
“We are Uncle George, be patient,” Hallie said looking up slightly then concentrating on another cut.
“You know Hallie this signifies our love for one another. You are the driving force of our marriage as you take this knife and cut into the cake and with my hand over yours means me as your husband must protect you and nurture you as my wife.”
“That is really sweet, Parker.  I love you with all my heart and I will always be by your side.” Halley said while two tears trickled down her cheek.
Hallie continued on with the ceremony until the small piece of cake was cut. She cut the piece in half and fed it to Parker. He, in turn, fed her the other small piece. They kissed and the family and friends clapped, Uncle George howled above the others.
“Why do you look so sad?” Parker asked.
“I’m just really overwhelmed right now and so happy to be your wife.” They kissed again.
“Ah, get a hotel room you two. Let’s have some of that incredible looking cake.” Uncle George said.
“Uncle George you are exactly right, let’s have some cake.” Parker said, and then so only Hallie could hear, “maybe shoving some cake in his mouth will keep him quiet.”
Hallie chuckled, but her smile disappeared as the ever present nagging thought almost surfaced. Swallowing hard and holding back her tears she managed not to break down and cry. Instead, Hallie pushed back the thoughts into the darkest place in her mind. Not today, this is not the day.
Timing would be everything when she told Parker the truth. Her biggest fear, he would leave her.  She wondered how she would tell him she was pregnant by Victoria’s boyfriend Julian.

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