Secrets Behind A Wedding Cake-Chapter Four

Hallie stood in the shower. She allowed the water to run through her hair and down her body. The dirty water ran down her legs and swirled around the bottom of the shower before disappearing down the drain.
She crossed her arms over her chest and with her head down she started to cry. At first, it began as sobbing and turned into an uncontrollable crying spell that sent her to her knees. In a praying position, she cried and could not stop.
Finally, resolve settled in and the crying slowed then stopped. She pulled herself up and began washing her hair and body clean. Finished, she stepped out of the shower and toweled off. Standing in front of the mirror, she could make out her ghostly appearance. Hallie stared at her movements through the mist. It seemed to her she was disappearing as a person because of her choices.
Thirty minutes later, she opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom fully dressed and ready to meet Parker in the living room.
Hallie walked into the living room. Parker sat on the edge of the couch with his arms resting on his legs, his head looking straight down at his feet. He did not hear her come in.
He looked up; nervously he rubbed his hands together and slid back into the couch.
“Okay Hallie, let’s talk.”
Hallie came in and sat down opposite him in a large overstuffed chair. She sat her hairbrush on the coffee table.
“Parker to start off, I have to be honest with you. I have not been honest for the past couple of months and you deserve better than that. I am pregnant.”
“Pregnant? Pregnant, how? We were really careful and you took the pill, right?”
She nodded as the tears welled up in her eyes and spilled over onto her cheeks.
“So this is a blessing then. I mean you are having our baby.” Parker moved slightly from side to side and his voice sounded excited.
“The baby is not your’s Parker.”
There was dead silence. His countenance changed from excitement to confusion as he realized what she just said.
“What do you mean the baby is not mine? Then whose baby is it, Hallie?” Parker said with anger in his voice.
“It is Julian’s baby.” Hallie started to cry.
“Julian! You screwed Julian?” He shouted.
Hallie with tears streaming down her face shook her head up and down without saying a word.
“Why Hallie? How could you do this to us? What the hell is wrong with you?”
“I’m sorry,” she sobbed out the words.
“So how far along are you?”
“A week short of three months.”
“In the car, you told me you were not having an affair. This sounds like one to me.”
“We were only together one time Parker.”
Parker stood up and looked down at Hallie with a mixture of anger and confusion on his face. He did not say a word and Hallie covered her face with her hands.
“So where were you and Julian going and why were you walking in the damn desert?”
“Julian and I were on our way to get the DNA test results to make sure it was his baby. Julian said he had accepted a job in Italy for the next five to ten years. He did not want any responsibility or anything to do with the baby. He would give me a lump sum of money and sign over one-hundred percent custody of the child to me.” Hallie looked up at Parker standing there with his hands on his hips. He glared at her.
“So when he said that I yelled at him and told him to pull the car over. He refused and I told him I would jump out. I undid my seat belt, he must have figured I would jump so he pulled over. I got out and walked away. He kept yelling at me to get back in the car, I just kept walking.”
“When did you screw Julian, Hallie?”
“Remember the dinner date at Victoria’s house. You were late and Victoria sent Julian and me to the living room while she was cooking. Something happened and we just had this thing. Next day I ended up at his home and we had sex. I’m pregnant and it is confirmed, the baby is his, Parker. I’m so sorry.” Another wave of crying made Hallie not able to say anything else.
“So what now Hallie? What am I supposed to do with this? You are a liar and what actually makes me sick right now is you went ahead with our wedding knowing you were knocked up by our best friend, you are not who I thought you were. Would you have ever told me the truth, or would you just keep lying and let me go through life thinking this baby was ours.”
“I don’t know Parker. I didn’t know what to do.”
“I need to get out of here.” Parker turned and left the living room.
Hallie could hear him in the bedroom banging around for a couple of minutes. He came out in a rush and out the front door. Hallie heard his car start, she got up and pulled the curtain back from the living room window just in time to see Parker’s car backing out of the driveway.

Secrets Behind A Wedding Cake-Chapter Three

Hallie stopped dead in her tracks.  With her hand shielding her eyes, she looked down the road.  A car was coming towards her.
“No, no it can’t be.”
Hallie recognized the car.  It was Parkers blue Mustang.  The car must have been speeding by the lingering dust trail behind it.
Parker slowed the car down and came to a stop right beside Hallie.  The dust trail caught up with the idling car and swirled around Hallie making it hard to breathe. Parker rolled down the passenger window.  Hallie stood there frozen not sure what to say or do next.
“Hello dear, as you would expect I have a lot of questions for you.  But for now, why don’t you get in and let me take you home.  You, sweetheart, are pretty sweaty and dirty.” His voice carried a derogatory tone that made Hallie unsure of what he would do next.
All Hallie could do was nod her head and reach for the handle on the door.
She slipped into the passenger’s seat, pulled the seatbelt around her, and clicked it into place.  Parker hit the gas pedal and the car moved quickly over the ground that Hallie had walked on.
Neither Parker nor Hallie spoke, the only noise came from the engine of the car and the tires crunching over the gravel road.  Although Hallie guessed Parker’s thoughts were screaming right now.  Parker turned left and headed on Avenue 76 towards home.  That is when he asked his first question.
“Hallie, what are you doing way out here?”
“How did you find me?”
“I got a phone call from Jullian, he said I needed to go pick you up.  He told me where you were.  I asked him how in the hell did you get out there.  He said you would explain everything.  Why would Jullian know that Hallie?”
Hallie opened her mouth to speak but no words came out.  She needed to tell Parker everything.  Words swirled around, but how should she begin made it impossible to start.
“Can I have the rest of that bottle of water?”
“Of course,” Parker said.
Hallie picked up the bottle and drank all the water.  Swallow after swallow felt refreshing on her throat.  She wiped her mouth with her forearm and sat the bottle down.  She cleared her throat and looked over at Parker.  He stared straight ahead.  He was not saying anything, it was obvious he was confused and angry and it was all her fault.  Parker did not deserve this.  He is a good man and what she had to tell him would alter their relationship forever.
“Parker we have a lot to talk about and I will clear up all of your questions. Is it okay if we get home and I can have a shower? After that, we can sit down and talk. You are my husband and I owe you an explanation.”
“That’s fine Hallie, but you can, at least, answer one question. I get it that Victoria and Jullian are our friends.  I am at work and I get a call from Jullian that I needed to pick you up way out here miles from home.  I have to guess that you were with Jullian heading somewhere.  What were you doing?”
“That’s what we need to talk about, but to put your mind at ease; Jullian and I are not having an affair,” Hallie said.
“All this secrecy makes me nervous Hallie.  We’ve only been married three weeks and now I am wondering what is going on here.  We haven’t seen Victoria or Jullian since we got back from our honeymoon.  They don’t show up at our wedding after Victoria helped you for months.  Now I get this call from him that you are wandering around the desert. How did Jullian know where you were Hallie?” Parker said in a raised voice.
“Parker please just get me home and let me get cleaned up and I will explain everything to you. I promise.”
For the first time since Hallie got into the car, Parker looked over at his wife. Their eyes met.  Hallie could see the anger in his face.  She held back her tears thinking about the one mistake she made to place everyone she loves in this situation.  As she looked out the car window and watched the businesses and homes go by, Hallie closed her eyes for a few minutes.  Maybe there was a way out of this that could save her marriage.  With that thought, as Parker pulled into the driveway, she opened her eyes and smiled.

Secrets Behind A Wedding Cake-Chapter Two

The road could not have been dirtier.  The desert wind blew dust and sand into her eyes and into her hair.  Hallie, only wearing light sandals and no hat, shielded her eyes from the bright sun reflecting off the desert floor.
If she had any money at all today,  she would give her entire retirement for a cup of water. Licking her lips only dried them out more.  Wearing a light cotton sundress did nothing for the sunburn on her shoulders and back.
Yet she walked on.  She thought to herself, “There has to be a town or a gas station somewhere nearby.”
She guessed she had walked at least two miles from the paved road.  Looking over her shoulder periodically gave her somewhat of a comfort that she was not being followed. thinking to herself, “I’m so stupid. How could I possibly make these kinds of life-altering decisions? I hate myself for what I have done. Now look at me walking away from my life, my family, my friends and my husband.  For what?”
Walking along, she thought back to that one night at Victoria’s apartment.  She made eye contact with Julian, Victoria’s boyfriend.  As Victoria busied with dinner and Parker soon to arrive, they were to have a simple dinner just the four of them.  Victoria chased her and Julian to the living room.  Hallie sat carefully on the couch and setting her glass of wine on the coffee table she watched as Julian sat down in a chair just opposite of her.  Their eyes connected, nothing was said, but something in that split second happened.  It was sexual, Hallie felt something inside her stir, and a nearly uncontrollable sensation made her shake her head as if she had sipped vinegar instead of the glass of white wine.
Now two months later walking along this lonely road she screamed out loud. She covered her face with her hands.  Thinking to herself, “why did I make the excuse and go to his house later that week.  Nothing would have happened if I had not gone there.”
Jullian opened his door on her first knock.  He was expecting her after her lame phone call.  He let her in and she turned to face him as he locked the front door. They stood there like two hormonal teenagers, but Hallie knew something quite abstract and strange happened as they traded smiles.  Julian came to her, slipped his arms around her body and pulled her close.  There would not be no stopping what was about to happen.
Now walking along the road she thought to herself, “Why didn’t Victoria let me help her in the kitchen? Julian and I would have stood around with Victoria as a couple’s referee.  It could have made all the difference in all of our lives.” Hallie said out loud to the desert wind.
A few tears spilled out of her eyes and ran down her cheek leaving a slightly muddy trail on her face.  There was no makeup now, just this dusty road leading to nowhere.
That’s when it happened. Hallie stopped dead in her tracks. “Oh crap,” she said under her breath.

Secrets Behind A Wedding Cake-Chapter One

The cream-filled three-layered cake decorated with yellow roses cascading down the side from the top tier to the bottom layer.
“This is turning out exactly as we planned Parker.”  Halley Cook smiled at her new husband, Parker Knowles.
“Yes, you have made me the happiest man alive on our wedding day.  And you are right all the months of planning has paid off there have been no issues.” Parker looked into Hallie’s blue eyes and smiled.
“Parker we can thank Victoria for all her help through the past months.”
“That is for sure, she and her boyfriend; Julian have been there for us.  I really count them as good friends.  I think we should do something special for them after we get back from our honeymoon.” Parker smiled at Hallie.
“I miss not having Victoria here today,” Hallie added.
“It’s a shame she got sick on the day of our wedding.  She helped us so much.” Parker added.
Halley smiled back and reached up on her toes; she kissed Parker on the cheek. “Maybe we can get them something really nice and surprise them with it,” Hallie added.
“What would be something we could get them?” Parker asked.
“I have to think about it, but something that would be a surprise, something they would never see coming.” Hallie’s smile disappeared.
“I’m sure we can come up with just the right thing,” Parker said.
“Come on cut the cake!” Uncle George said while standing around the cake table with the other guests. He raised his drink in the air.
“I see your uncle is enjoying himself,” Parker whispered so only Hallie could hear.
“I know he is nothing more than a drunk, but he is my father’s brother and I had to invite him since my dad passed away last year. At least, he got me down the aisle before he started drinking. We should count our blessings for that.” Hallie looked up.
“We will get through this Hallie. I love you and you love me that’s all that counts. Uncle George is a small distraction. Shall we cut the cake?” Parker asked.
Hallie picked up the knife and Parker covered her hand with his. They both guided the knife and pressing down cut into the bottom layer.
“Cut the cake.” Uncle George said again raising his cocktail glass in the air.
“We are Uncle George, be patient,” Hallie said looking up slightly then concentrating on another cut.
“You know Hallie this signifies our love for one another. You are the driving force of our marriage as you take this knife and cut into the cake and with my hand over yours means me as your husband must protect you and nurture you as my wife.”
“That is really sweet, Parker.  I love you with all my heart and I will always be by your side.” Halley said while two tears trickled down her cheek.
Hallie continued on with the ceremony until the small piece of cake was cut. She cut the piece in half and fed it to Parker. He, in turn, fed her the other small piece. They kissed and the family and friends clapped, Uncle George howled above the others.
“Why do you look so sad?” Parker asked.
“I’m just really overwhelmed right now and so happy to be your wife.” They kissed again.
“Ah, get a hotel room you two. Let’s have some of that incredible looking cake.” Uncle George said.
“Uncle George you are exactly right, let’s have some cake.” Parker said, and then so only Hallie could hear, “maybe shoving some cake in his mouth will keep him quiet.”
Hallie chuckled, but her smile disappeared as the ever present nagging thought almost surfaced. Swallowing hard and holding back her tears she managed not to break down and cry. Instead, Hallie pushed back the thoughts into the darkest place in her mind. Not today, this is not the day.
Timing would be everything when she told Parker the truth. Her biggest fear, he would leave her.  She wondered how she would tell him she was pregnant by Victoria’s boyfriend Julian.