A Croc Attack Will Be Defended

FB Crocs

Apparently if you believe anything written on Facebook, Cheech Marin is quoted as saying, “see those holes? That’s where your dignity leaks out.”  All my friends know I wear Crocs. So once and awhile something like this comes along to poke at me, of course, I think they are joking. But that being said even in fun it deserves a response. So here is my reply Cheech and to you others out there disrespecting a Croc lover:

  1. Crocs are comfortable.
  2. Crocs are inexpensive
  3. Crocs do have dress shoes as well.
  4. Crocs come in many different colors to match your daily personality conflicts.
  5. You can order right online and never enter a shoe store where others have stuck their stinky feet in the shoes you are about to try on.
  6. Whoever took Cheech and Chong seriously in anything?
  7. And lastly, how many of you has any dignity anyway?

Names and Characters

Writing a novel is tedious enough and requires months of patience.  Lots of thought and background goes into the process.  One of my favorite sessions is name hunting for new characters.  I watch movies, watch billboards while driving and I use software for first and last names.  They can come from anywhere.

Sometimes I psych myself out.  I go through hundreds of names and hear myself say, “nope” over and over again.  Then anytime anywhere a name pops up and in a second I know that is the right name for the character I am developing for the story.

For instance, writing my first novel, “The Van Gogh Agenda”. I needed a great name for one of my antagonists. I pulled what little hair I had left out. Then one day the name came to me, Paul David Hollingsworth, or in the story, Satch Hollingsworth. He is a bad dude, but in him there is a little bit of softness with a whole lot of resolve to do what he has to do.

Finding the right name makes it easier developing the actor’s background. I can formulate everything I need to know about this person before I ever place pen to paper, (so to speak).

By the Way

In my last post I used the word miniscule.  Some would argue that this is misspelled.  Well I’m moving into the future.  Here is a quote from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Usage Discussion of MINISCULE

“The adjective minuscule is etymologically related to minus, but associations with mini- have produced the spelling variant miniscule. This variant dates to the end of the 19th century, and it now occurs commonly in published writing, but it continues to be widely regarded as an error.”

I’m Confused

When you do not have it, you always want it.  When you have it, you do not want it. I’m confused. Isn’t there a balance somewhere? I mean come on. The margin of error to find the tipping point of a true center of complaints must be miniscule.

I’ve seen this time and time again. The funny thing is when you do have it and complain there are others that swear when they have it. Usually, because they have not paid attention to the small details and have headbutted a wall. No wonder they swear.

I for one living in Southern California promise not to complain about it when I have it. I promise not to swear or headbutt a wall with my truck. What I’m talking about is a day like today.

It rained!

Generally a good feeling

We traveled 955 miles from Wyoming to our place in Southern California.  We met with the most extreme heat in Las Vegas that caused us a lot of small issues.  The freaky thing was the propane tank on our RV popped off the release valve.  That dumped propane, which is a good thing.  The alternative would have been an explosion.

I talked with a propane guy and he had me water down the tank to cool it.  It worked and the tank quite hissing like a snake.  The temperatures when we got to our destination in Las Vegas was a mire 111 degrees.

We left early Saturday morning, actually we left at 05:15 to beat the heat through Baker and the Mojave desert.  We got home about 10:30 in the morning safe I might add.

One more thing I’ll have to tell you I downloaded a new software to help with my writing.  It will be in my next post.  So far a 1 1/2 thumbs up.


I am thinking about republishing my first novel-The Van Gogh Agenda on Bookbaby.  I only want to do the eBook at this time. I started reading through the things they suggest before sending the manuscript to them.  I had to change the font, (which is fine).  The big one I had to eliminate all the “tabs” and use paragraph indentation.  Now that is a huge issue.  They walk you through how to do it, but working on a 84,000 word novel is not easy going through it line by line to make sure everything is centered and indented correctly.  I am in rewrite on my second novel-The Five Hundred now.  I will have to go back on my first and live through this once again.  GRRRRRR!

Almost on Empty

We have just two days left in our beloved Wyoming before the trip back to Aguanga.  The weather here is absolutely beautiful the past few days.  It is going to be hot when we get back to our “other home” in Aguanga.

I have leaving here and soon enough we will be able to live where we want as long as we want.  I am content with this trip it has been relaxing, more sleep some really bad fishing and down right a lot of fun.

A wonderful day was had by all

For our anniversary we spent the day in Jackson, Wyoming.  We had a great lunch at the Merry Piglets, a Mexican restaurant.  I know a strange name for that ethnic type food.  It does not matter the food was good.

We did some shopping and found a little store tucked away that sold high-end rum, whiskey and all kinds of spices and vinegar’s.  We got into trouble there.  Since it was our anniversary we ended up to small bottles of booze, one a whiskey for the Mrs. and a rum for me.  We ended up with three vinegar’s that are wonderful.  Of course there is taste testing that is how they get you.  It was fun and expensive, but hey it was our anniversary.