Things worked out!

Our RV named-Wendy the Witch and the Bug Out Bus, has a living room slide issue. I think we are finally figuring it out. This RV must be extremely level for the slide to come back in.  It may seem trite to some, but you cannot drive down the road with your slide out swinging in the wind.

Meanwhile, we made it to our place in Star Valley.  It is a beautiful morning, temperature is 42 degrees.  Just two days ago we were camping in 106 degrees near Saint George, Utah.

Today we are going to town to get a few things and clean up a bit on our lot.  I am finally at home and I look forward to the chance to work on my re-write on my novel, “The Five Hundred”.

I hate things that do not work right

We have a RV with a slide the extends the living room. We have had numerous issues with this not going in correctly. I got up this morning at 03:30 a.m.
I re-read the manual and watch three YouTube videos. We are in Leeds, Utah. We shall be stuck here until we can set the timing again and hopefully get the slide back in.
My eyes burn and I desire a strong cup of coffee before embarking on this mechanical endeavor. Wish us luck.

Almost vacation

One more week and my wife and I are off to our place in Wyoming.  It’s only two-weeks but a lot of fun and relaxation.  We will be driving our RV, which is an added fun experience.  No nasty bathrooms for us.  I am working on my rewrite of my second novel-The Five Hundred.  I hope to get more time to work on it. 

Writer’s Block can be beat

For me during writing sessions it is inevitable that I run into a block where I cannot see where the story is going.  I sometimes get anxious or frustrated.  Over the years I found two ways to handle it.  I stop writing for twenty-four hours and let my subconscious work through it, (which almost always works).  The other thing is start a short story, keep writing, but write something new.  The act of writing sometimes helps me to work through the block.

Welcome to Wilby’s Writer’s Diner

Welcome to Wilby’s Writer’s Diner.  My idea for my new blog is a place where I can share what’s on my mind.  I would like to share my thoughts on my current writing projects and the struggles I have with them.

Also I am interested in providing information on what I have learned as well as learning from my fellow bloggers.  As an author we write about what we know.  That is so true.  We also write about those things we are passionate about.  In Wilby’s Diner I will share from time to time things that either I love or things that bother me.  Sometimes I might just rattle on about some meaningless subject.

So Welcome to Wilby’s Writer’s Diner.